Albergue life 

This morning, sitting outside the room in the albergue and tying my boots next to the rest of my Camino family, the sound of an explosive fart resounded through the hallway! We looked around at each other, laughing because we had all been there at some point in the past three weeks. Sleeping each night … More Albergue life 

The Camino provides

Over the past week or so, my traveling companions and I have become a happy little family. Our mantra is, “the Camino provides,” and we probably say it to each other about one hundred times every day. Yesterday’s walk was hot and long, and we were all hurting, until we ran into an elderly man … More The Camino provides

Camino, days 1 & 2

I’ve only been walking for two days, but it already feels like I’ve always been here (besides how badly my legs and feet HURT). The night I arrived at St Jean Pied de Port I sat in the park to eat dinner by myself, and in less than 30 minutes was surrounded by a group … More Camino, days 1 & 2

How many times can I use the word “list” in one paragraph?

I’m really good at making lists. I’m also really good at losing those lists, forgetting to check them, and adding items that are still so far out on my “to do” timeline that there’s no way I can complete them yet, meaning that they just sit there on the list and stress me out further. … More How many times can I use the word “list” in one paragraph?

Which Camino?

Once I knew I would be walking the Camino, my first course of action (obviously) was to type “Camino de Santiago” into the Google search bar, because I knew less than nothing about what it was I had decided to do. Clicking on the first site I saw, I found the website that has since … More Which Camino?